The SCORE2020 project builds a European consortium of regional players in offering support of MOOCs and open education.

The partnership stimulates the set-up of regional support centres for the development and use of MOOCs and open education. These regional support centres promote, stimulate and activate the development and the delivery of MOOCs and other modes of open education as well as use of MOOCs in their region.

Specific objectives of the SCORE2020 project are:
  • determining the needs of different support structures and create awareness of existing support materials for different target groups
  • exchange and jointly develop expertise on the design and development of MOOCs
  • develop a common approach to quality in MOOCs
  • provide various support to stakeholders (material, events, training weeks, train-the-trainer mOOC)
  • stimulate policy awareness of the role of MOOCs and on role governments in MOOC support structure
  • examine various possible regional support structures including possible business models in MOOC provision
  • create a European partnership of regional support structure in the field of MOOC and open education