About SCORE2020

iStock 000008506606HandsUnitySupport Centres for Open education and MOOCS in different Regions of Europe 2020 (SCORE2020, 2014-2016) is building regional expertise centres on open education and MOOCs (Massive Open On-line Courses) with the support of the European platform of OpenupEd experts.

  1. The regional expertise centres  will promote, stimulate and activate the development and the delivery of MOOCs and other modes of open education  as well as use of MOOCs in their region.
  2. The regional expertise centres constitute together a European strategic partnership, which is supported by  the European OpenupEd MOOCs platform. This will valorise the MOOCs developed in different regions in a broader  European and global context. It also will  strengthen each of the regional centres by sharing and developing transnational expertise  of which each can benefit.

Together, the regional expertise centres form a European partnership of players in the field of open, online and flexible education. They will exchange and jointly develop expertise and will develop a common approach to quality in MOOCs.


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